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Our company was founded in 1980 and prior to that the owner had spent 13 years in the aerospace industries for  NASA at the Manned Space Center in Houston and with EG&G in Albuquerque. It is with this background Cambro Construction developed and grew into a successful construction company. As the VP states "it is a matter of fact that no successful business can enjoy sustained growth and development without top-quality management". We feel strongly that our senior management team is the prime reason for the success and growth of Cambro Construction.

Our TEAM prides itself in the work it does, quality is our concern. In addition as one team member stated, "our belief is that the initial undertaking in starting a project correctly is in the concrete portion".

Cambro is consistently working with its suppliers, in conjunction with Owners/Developers/General Contractors to maintain superior quality products for each aspect of the project. Whether that be working with the concrete supplier to design an appropriate mix for a specific job, or with an Owner/Developer/General Contractor in the initial design phase to get the plans right the first time. Cambro strives for excellence at all levels.

Cambro personnel are often asked to join the development team and provide expertise to the owner/developer/architect in the selection of materials and systems and how each affects the initial construction of a project and its long-term performance.


Over 90 percent of a project's costs are determined or committed to in the preliminary design stage.  It is essential that a cost control program be established and continuously monitored during the design process.  We at Cambro welcome this responsibility in helping the team create the most effective building possible, while keeping the established architectural integrity intact.


Cambro will provide the design team with our most experienced managers in construction methodology, one of whom will manage the construction phase of the project.  The expertise of these experienced project managers is used in estimating, value engineering, and scheduling in the initial design phase.  These project managers are most effective at interacting with the Owner/Developer/General Contractor, those involved in the design team, city officials, and subcontractors during the construction process.